Baratheon R’hllor Faithful engl.

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The Lord of Light’s Servants Go to War Strongly devoted to the Lord of Light, these warriors simulate the fabled flaming sword Lightbringer, by adding a mixture of oils set ablaze to their own weapons. Accompanied by a Red Priestess, their unwavering morale will cause terror to their enemies.  

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  • A Song Of Ice And Fire Baratheon R’hllor Faithful (Englisch)
  • The R’hllor Faithful bring their conviction in their god to the battlefield in service of Stannis Baratheon. These holy warriors anoint their blades in sacred oils and set them alight, causing vicious wounds with each slash. Whenever their faith is tested, they only become more deadly to the enemy. Accompanied to battle by a Red Priestess, a unit of R’hllor Faithful is ready to stand against any foe.
  • The R’hllor Faithful unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House Baratheon players a new, faithful unit to add to their ranks. Their burning blades deal terrible wounds to enemy forces with each slash, going through armor easily. The unit can also gain Faith tokens for passing Morale tests, letting them gain access to new special abilities during the fight. The unit comes with the Red Priestess unit attachment, who can send terror through enemy ranks.
  • Requires a Baratheon Starter Set!


  • A Song Of Ice And Fire Baratheon R’hllor Faithful (Englisch) enthält:
  • 13 Miniatures (1 Red Priestess, 1 R’hllor Faithful Bannerman, 11 R’hllor Faithful), 1 Unit Card, 1 Attachment Card, 1 Punchboard, 1 Movement Tray

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